Lip augmentation without the right contouring can lead to an appearance where the lips look exaggerated and resemble duck-like lips. A practitioner who provides just lip augmentation without ensuring shapely contouring is not providing you the complete procedure. This is where the importance of lip sculpting, shaping, contouring, and borders’ definition is clearly established. 

Lip plumping is merely doing half of the job.

If water is added to a balloon, it simply inflates. Its outer perimeter contours are altered to compensate for the quantity of water contained inside them and this could be done shapelessly and without any sense of direction. The lips go through a similar scenario when the hyaluronic acid gel is injected into them. After this injection, the patients are left with volumized, fuller lips; however, in some cases, there is a possibility that the outline of the lips is eroded, making them look shapeless. In such a situation, the patient gets a fuller pair of lips at the cost of losing its shape. This thus proves that simply augmenting is half of the task because lips have not been corrected accurately.

What is lip contouring, and why is it vital?

Lip contouring is mainly necessary as part of the lip enhancement procedure as it redesigns the natural contours of the lips, especially for the top lip. After the HA gel is injected into the lips, the shapes can then be redrawn with advanced needling techniques. The image down below is from a lip enhancement procedure with Hyaprof. It shows that volume can be achieved without necessarily losing the contour and shape. Additionally, lips that have good volume can be further highlighted by defining them and injecting them into the white margins.

Unnaturally Large Lips

Many young ladies nowadays prefer fuller lips and are also aware of how easily they can get this procedure at aesthetic clinics. They usually get this treatment with only one goal in mind, which is to have larger lips. They are generally unaware of the importance of contouring and can feel unsatisfied with just volumized lips which is lacking the correct shape.

This is why patients should be encouraged to ask their doctors about contouring their lips along with augmenting them for the perfect pair of lips. Some practitioners make the error of overfilling the lips as a way to reintroduce form. This isn’t the correct technique to redraw contours and simply cause them to look like inflated balloons, generally known as the “trout pout!”

It should also be kept in mind that female lips, on average, are a little fuller and poutier compared to men. This should also be paid attention to because if the male lips are over volumized, it can lead to feminization of it.

Advanced lip enhancement approaches

The advanced lip enhancement approach includes the technique of lip sculpting, shaping, contouring, and definition. This is one level above simple lip augmentation (plumping). People should be getting a set of lips that are worth the amount they pay for it. This misguided half-way treatment can lead to unsatisfactory results. Suppose they are not able to carry out advanced treatment due to the fact they do not know these treatment strategies. In that case, the ceiling for creativity is straight away reduced, and the consumer isn’t going to benefit from the dermal filler’s true potential.

Advanced needling strategies 

For each syringe of dermal filler, a consumer pays, a certain number of this filler should be reserved for contouring, to ensure perfectly shaped and augmented pair of lips. For volume, a durable product like Hyaprof Balance is ideal, but Hyaprof Soft is the perfect filler for superficial contouring purposes.

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