5 Reasons to Choose Hyaprof Dermal Fillers

A long-lasting effect

The cutting-edge technology used for the manufacturing process of Hyaprof, produces a longer-lasting hyaluronic acid. This means your skin will look radiant for a longer time.

Effects noticeable right away

Hyaprof has an immediate effect and instantly noticeable results. Besides this, you won’t have to take any kind of time-out from your normal life and you can even start using make-up right after the procedure.

Incredibly easy and smooth application

The patented technologies implemented in Hyaprof not only provide an extended life span, but also make the products superbly easy to be injected. A soft, yet precise injection will allow your physician to make the best out of the treatment and give you better results.

It’s pain-free!

Yes, you read that correctly. We have designed a highly malleable hyaluronic acid gel which will allow your physician to use the smallest needles available in the market.

Dramatically fewer side effects

Hyaprof has been designed with an increased biocompatibility. This means it will be easy for your body to accept the injection. Therefore, less adverse reactions and side effects are to be expected (such as redness, slight inflammation, itching, tenderness, light allergies)


Advance hyaluronic acid formula that makes a difference.

Hyaprof has been designed with cutting-edge technology that integrates naturally into the skin to produce predictable and natural results.


Our Products

We offer the ultimate monophasic hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, accompanied by a supplementary skincare system.

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