Before and After

Marija Before Lips Soft BEFOREMarija Before Lips Soft AFTER
Ruba Before Scars Soft BEFORERuba Before Scars Soft AFTER
Simon After Chin Balance BEFORESimon After Chin Balance AFTER


I'm so happy with my non-surgical nose job. I'm glad I did it, with no downtime moments and the results were seen immediately. Thank you so much


I'm actually happy with the results. Can definitely see improvement in the areas of treatment. Would consider doing another treatment in the chin area.


I am very happy with the procedure. Definitely I will come again and will advise to my friends.




Hyaprof is a pain-free hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Thanks to its physical properties, it’s an incredibly malleable gel that can be injected with the smallest needles.

Hyaprof uses an enhanced hyaluronic acid that can last up to 12 months.

Products can be used for different indications, treating various skin parts and concerns. Hyaprof Soft is best used in superficial wrinkles and Hyaprof Balance is ideal for deeper lines and volume restoration.

Yes, they can. If you have a combination of superficial and deep lines that are bothering you, Hyaprof Soft and Hyaprof Balance will be incredibly effective when used together.

There is no down-time with Hyaprof. You can go back to your normal activities immediately and even apply make up after the injection.

Thanks to the patented German technologies used to create Hyaprof, the frequency of adverse events like tenderness, redness, itching and slight inflammation is tremendously reduced. However, you need to always keep in mind there’s a small chance that these or other reactions might appear.

We have two patented German technologies that allow Hyaprof to be safer, faster, longer lasting and pain-free. As if that wasn’t enough, we are the first company to design a filler with a 100% animal-free formula.

Yes, they do. We know many fillers can produce an artificial look in your skin but that is not a problem with Hyaprof. Our increased bio-compatibility allows a perfect integration between the gel and your skin, making it look naturally radiant and beautiful. is a site operated exclusively by BioScience GmbH Cosmetics Trading LLC and we are solely responsible for the contents of this site.
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