During this year’s edition of IMCAS World Congress in Paris, BioScience GmbH introduced the new revolutionary line of monophasic dermal fillers – Hyaprof. The official launch event took place in Pavillon Wagram in Paris and gathered a host of top aesthetic medicine professionals from around the world.

The newest addition to their product portfolio makes BioScience a manufacturer offering both monophasic and biphasic products for the full spectrum of facial and body applications. 

About Hyaprof

Hyaprof products combine monodensified and polydensified properties to offer a solution for achieving subtle yet long-lasting results and can be injected with 30G and 27G needles which in turn ensures a painless treatment.

Thanks to the Advanced Thixotropic Technology and Smart Cross-Linking Technology, Hyaprof range demonstrates unique and optimized rheological properties for the improved performance of hyaluronic acid, smooth application as well as seamless dermal integration.


The line consists of two products, which can be used individually or in combination in both superficial dermis and deeper injections, depending on the patient’s facial structure and functional needs:

·         Hyaprof Soft (pure hyaluronic acid: 20mg/mL): a monodensified dermal filler suitable for superficial and submucosal indications. Ideal for the correction of fine lines, crow’s feet, perioral lines, fine forehead lines, thin lips, facial atrophic scars, residual rhytids after botulinum toxin as well as fine lines of the lateral periocular and infraorbital regions.

·         Hyaprof Balance (pure hyaluronic acid: 22mg/mL): a polydensified dermal filler with a greater degree of cross-linking, optimal for injections ranging from mid to deep dermis. Ideal for the correction of moderate and deeper lines, tear through deformity, nasolabial wrinkles, glabellar line, lip contouring, philtrum, oral commissures, marionette folds as well as restoration of facial volume and shape.

Hyaprof dermal fillers line is also accompanied by a skincare system range for post-procedure aftercare.

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